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About ZintzoDeli

Zintzodeli enters the field, determined to make a difference by working together with all players, with a spirit of integrity and collaboration. Zintzodeli will continuously make available the best technology that will deliver a most satisfying experience to the consumer, thereby enabling a healthy business environment and shared prosperity.

The online food delivery market in India is expected to expand at compound annual growth rates of ~30.55% (based on revenue) and ~10.19% (based on the number of users) during the 2020-2024 period, to generate a revenue of INR ~1,334.99 Bn and develop a user base of ~300.57 Mn by 2024. (Data Source: Research and Markets)

As the Online Food Delivery market in India registers rapid and substantial growth, three factors will have tremendous impact on the way the scenario will develop.

1. End-user priorities: Variety of cuisine, quality, service and price

2. Fair and honest collaboration among the players: Restaurants, Corporate and Retail Partners, and Tech Enablers

3. Commitment on the part of all players to excellence on every count at all times

Zintzodeli App

The ZD app is developed for 2 specific segments, enabling a smooth collaboration and seamless delivery.

ZD Corporate App

This app aggregates all restaurants operating within the premises and replicates a full food-court experience.
One app. Multiple Cuisines.
Customized Interface for User segments: Consumer, Vendor Admin, Delivery Personnel Fully integrated to provide all real-time info


Payment gateway Razorpay processes payments and credits the vendor’s bank account directly the very next day.
Auto Scaling aligned with order volumes and delivery capability gives restaurants consistent speed, convenience and flexibility.
ZD app is deployed on a cloud infrastructure for robustness and reliability.
ZD App is developed to handle situations during and after COVID-19

Zintzodeli Advantage to Corporate Houses

1. Completely contactless
2. Complete user-experience data enables quick and easy replication at other locations
3. Access to various canned reports

ZD Retail App

This app is an expression of our mission to build strong and lasting relationships between retail stores and residents of a neighbourhood. This app will nullify the potential of big brands and ensure that businesses and traders in every neighbourhood will continue to enjoy the patronage of its residents.

This app will connect all residents with vendors of groceries, perishables and other daily essentials, and also other small vendors operating from their homes, thereby creating a well-knit cooperative network that benefits everyone

Zintzodeli Advantage to Retail Traders and Home Entrepreneurs

Very low App Usage Fee

Zintzodeli support for more customers and greater sales volumes

Zintzodeli arrives to deliver a delicious experience. For a taste of it, download the app NOW!

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